Cover reveal (but so much more than just that as well)

Every person on Earth is unique and so are their needs and abilities. I'm blessed with the job I do and the people I meet on a daily basis. Some of them have become more than just clients but all of them have enriched my life in their own way. Not every journey was pleasant, but every single one was beneficial. 

I saw a newspaper article about a young man, Jan Bolić, a writer and a true fighter with SMA (Spinal muscular atrophy). SMA is a rare neuromuscular disorder characterized by the loss of lower motor neurons and progressive muscle wasting. Spinal muscular atrophy manifests in various degrees of severity, which all have in common progressive muscle wasting and mobility impairment. Proximal muscles, arm and leg muscles that are closer to the torso and respiratory muscles are affected first. Other body systems may be affected as well, particularly in early-onset forms of the disorder. 

He is only 23 years young, yet too old to get the medication (Spinraza) he needs to make his life easier. Even though he can’t talk well and can’t move on his own, he was able to write three books so far, by moving only two fingers. After meeting Jan, I realized how big things don’t hide behind big words and appearance, but huge hearts. His energy and strength is something every single one of us should look up to and try to achieve in our own lives, while we are blessed with so many things we take for granted. Jan is a brilliant and amazing young man, with the best sense of humor and purest soul one can meet. After meeting him and the two most important women in his life, I realized how truly happy he is to have such an amazing mother and grandmother, who are taking care of him day by day and making sure he gets everything he needs to be happy. 

I’ve had the honor to design the covers for his latest two books and today I would like to present to you Jan’s latest mystery novel, “Težina stvarnosti” (AN “The burden of Reality”). Jan was so easy to work with and I truly hope this amazing book will be translated because it deserves to be read way beyond the borders of his homeland. Jan’s favorite author is Joe Nesbø, which is why the appearance of the main character, John Monroe isn’t a surprise. Detective John Monroe, who is investigating a murder with his associates,  lives in a small town, located only 40 minutes away from New York. While reading this amazing novel, you will often get the feeling that you are reading an all-time novel written by a bestselling author. I truly hope that this mystery novel will get a sequel soon, because it was more than a joy to work with Jan on this cover. The whole Bookcoverworld Team wishes nothing but the best to this amazing young author!



Book JB 5_3.jpg

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