Top 5 inspirational pages for Writers on Facebook

You’re a writer, you love what you do, and writing isn’t just your job but your passion? However, there are times when you could use some inspiration, right? There’s nothing odd about the lack of inspiration, there are times when even our biggest passion needs some additional stimulus to shine in its brightest colors. That’s why I’ve chosen to write this article, to help you regain your inspiration in times of ‘’drought’’. This 5 pages might be just what you need If that is so, stay tuned.
Our first pick is a non-profit organization under the name of PEN Center. Its mission is to keep the interest for the written word going strong. The support for the writers is at the core of the page, while their inspirational personal stories will keep you at the edge of your seat. This is one of the pages that will surely make you proud of being a writer.
If you have a Facebook profile, the chances of you not being familiar with this page are slim to none. Even though it is not the usual page offering writing advice, it might be just what you need. Why? There isn’t anything as inspiring as great life stories, right? Who knows, the topic of your next book might as well be hidden among this not so ordinary and inspirational everyday stories. Give it a go.
Again, not a common ‘’writing advice’’ page, yet a great source of inspiration to many fellow writers; due to funny and interesting quotes and prompts that might arouse your inspiration, give you a tip on how to start your new masterpiece or what to focus during your future work.
This page gives you a sense of belonging, community, open your heart to it and enjoy.
I’ll start by saying that this is overall a great page to follow. Why? It is a Facebook page of an experienced non-profit magazine dedicated to creative writing support. They provide practical advice regarding all stages of writing, and news publishing. A great page for anyone wanting a quick yet useful advice in any writing phase. If you ever feel stuck or in difficulties, this is your safe place.
Every decent writer knows the importance of the grammar aspect of any book. A good book is never good enough if grammar is not at the best level possible. That being said, this page could be of great help if a little grammar help is all you need. It will clear your possible doubts and give you a new perspective regarding some tips and tricks you might have not known of or forgotten.
A truly great page for everyone in need of a practical advice.
At the end, there’s not much left to say as the list speaks for itself. Hopefully this article will be of great help to many of you, and will help you find just what you were looking for when it comes to inspiration.

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