Three Simple Signs Writing is for You

#1 You feel like yourself when you’re writing

Even though some people use writing as a form of meditation, journaling or therapy (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with either approach!), for the rest of us, who write with the final goal of reaching an audience out there, there’s a certain feeling of ‘being ourselves, or being more like ourselves, while we write. It’s as intangible as the sun, and twice as powerful.


#2 Every time you (try to) give up writing, you eventually go back into it 

We’ve got good news for ya: writing is the cheapest addiction out there! It’s even cheaper than coffee. And, supposedly, the list of its side-effects is rather short (and, more often than not, overlaps with the ‘normal’ consequences of office jobs). While some of us had, at certain points of our lives, given up on writing due to all sorts of regular life obstacles resulting in an inability or lack of interest in writing, most of the time we just can’t keep away from the keyboard forever. If you have, at any point in time, tried to ‘give up’ writing, and you still came back into it, no matter how long you stayed away congratulations—you just might have found your calling.


#3 You are reading this

Bonus point if you’re nodding along as you read. Guess what? Most writers would...


by Vesna Kurilić
Vesna is a fantasy writer, public librarian, and general-purpose geek who blogs about the writing life over at

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