The back cover copy is as important as the cover art!

Every author already knows that a good book cover makes sure the audience gets to see their masterpiece and by now everyone knows that readers do judge the book by its cover, however very few of them understand the value of a good back cover blurb and back cover copy.

Not a long while back I have still received orders by authors saying that they don’t intend to invest too much into the cover design because the book itself is what counts and that all they need is a “nice” picture, title and their name on the cover. It took a while until people understood that a good cover is a necessary starting point of a journey that might never end. It is only a tiny step you need to take in order to get the ball rolling, however, if you have started going in the right direction, please don’t stop now.

The first thing your potential reader and your target audience sees is your appealing cover design, but it won’t sell the book by itself. The sales copy is as relevant as every other aspect of the book and it is an essential part of the cover design. Not everybody will buy the book just because you wrote a killer book description, but as part of a path to success, it will certainly help!

Now, what you need to know is that the same rule applies to back cover workings as it does to the front cover art. You DON’T want to say it all with the back cover copy, nor with the front cover art. Be mysterious enough so that the reader wants to read it, but informative enough to trap the reader into your world of imagination.

I have created thousands of designs and placed the same amount of back cover blurbs and the revenue is very different. There is one very important aspect that I haven’t mentioned and that is that not every book deserves the same amount of wording or information on the back cover. Also, the key thing to sales and to revenues is, of course, the quality of your book. That is one part no cover or sales copy can replace or better.

If you already have the perfect cover picked for your even better book, keep in mind that the space for the wording on the back cover is limited, so use it wisely. Remember, every reader wants to get an insight into your book, see something that might interest her/her to buy it and read it. If you have beta readers, ask one of them to write a short review (this is for authors who aren’t published yet, or for those whose audience hasn’t reached a huge number.) If on the other hand, you have another author friend or an important person who has read your book, her/his review will rise even more questions and bring more attention to the book. So, based on my experience, the main things you need to have on the back cover:

  • A short, but informative description of what the reader can get by buying the book. You don’t even have to say anything about the plot, or you can even put a short chapter part on the back cover. Whatever might work for your target audience

  • One or two short testimonials (optional)

  • A short author description with or without an author photo (people like to see the author on the back cover because that way they can relate to them easier).

If you are new under the writer sky, try to follow these simple rules because once you get more attention, you can be much more flexible with everything. However, never underestimate or abridge your readers of good information or a great cover art. Don’t forget that your cover art represents what you personally think of your book and the back cover blurb reveals what you want people to know even before they buy your book. Good luck to you all and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’m always willing to help!

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