Welcome! After you have invested so much time writing your book and creating a piece of art, let us help you show the world how amazing your book really is. What Bookcoverworld gives you is a stunning, attention-grabbing, professional book cover design that will jump out to the reader. Bookcoverworld takes pride in partnering with you; investing as much time as necessary to deliver the best cover possible. Bookcoverworld makes the process of getting the perfect cover that easy. Take a moment to go through the How it works section and see how you can receive your final cover design within forty-eight hours! Please let our experience and knowledge create the most personal design for your book. We sincerely look forward to meeting you. 


Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by. My name is Tanja, and my hope is that Bookcoverworld’s designs have convinced you that this is the right place for you. I started my own design company, Laragraph Ltd., a few years back, and since then I have been designing book covers professionally and with great passion.

Because of the tremendous support I receive from my two beautiful little daughters and my amazing husband, I’m able to design covers on a daily basis, putting my full attention into every detail of your cover. I have never had one unsatisfied client and I know that you won’t be the first! I will help and guide you through the whole process, from the beginning to the very end, when the book gets printed. All you have to do is to contact me and let me do my magic

You will have full-time access to me throughout the process via social media



Take a look at our latest book cover design projects. Bookcoverworld can provide you a stunning, attention-grabbing, professional book cover design that will jump out to the reader. See how our latest fiction, non-fiction and premade cover designs look like and feel free to drop us a line or two and order the prefect cover design for your book, or simply ask a question.  Bookcoverworld makes the process of getting the perfect cover very easy.  You will have full-time access to us throughout the process via social media, email and Skype



Reach out to us through the Contact form or simply email us here: contact@bookcoverworld.com. It doesn’t matter whether you already have an accurate design concept in mind or have no idea what your cover should look like—contact us and let us know what your book is about. Together we will determine which plan suits your needs (premade, basic, premium, or custom).

After you have contacted us and given us some guidelines, and after we have exchanged an email or two, we will start working on your cover design. You can expect to get the first drafts within forty-eight hours (or seventy-two hours for a custom cover design).

It is just that easy!